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Advocate Payel is one of the most renowned and experience in the legal firm. As a Criminal Advocate, We have been successfully defending people faced with various types of criminal charges in Kolkata and communities throughout the West Bengal area. As we have a thorough understanding of criminal laws and procedures and the experience, we roduce successful results to my clients. We provide Best Advocate in Kolkata and throughout the West Bengal area for you.


Criminal Complaints

Institution Forgery

Criminal Writs

Sexual Assault



"Whenever I am facing legal problems advocate payel always their for me. Thanks for being Friendly towards me and not professional like others advocate."
Olivia Chanda

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73/3 Narendra Nagar Kolpotoru Appt. Flat No. 5, Dunlop, Kolkata – 700056

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28/A Nazir Lane Kidderpore, Kolkata – 700023

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Alipore Police Court, Judge Court, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027

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