“Whenever I am facing legal problems advocate payel always their for me. Thanks for being Friendly towards me and not professional like others advocate.”​

Dhritiman Ghosh: Any case can be believed to close the eyes of the advocate Pavel Ghosh.

Rawnik Mondal: Excellent experience

Sanjay Bhowmick:Very professional and helpful.

Srila Ghosh:She is very good lawyer…

Soumadip Chakraborty: best lawyer

Sanam Khan:very good lawyer and hard working, also very sincere.

chandan biswas: 100% professional and accurate in her stand point. I am pleased.

Partha Bhattacharyya:Great advocate. Apt genuine and effective solutions are privided by her.

Partho Chatterjee:Hats off Advocate Payel… She has just come out from a medical operation before 2 days. I have some urgent legal issue, she joined the court and solved my problem.

indrajit datta:I just recently talked with her, she is very helpful.she is admitted in the hospital right now but still she continously helped me.can u believe this? My case is pending still now,she is going to take this now.I have change my advocate,now I think today I have made the right decision.she is really honest and brave.

Deep Biswas:She is verry much helpful, professional, compassionate and attentive. It was truly a pleasure to work with her. She was to first, to respond for any queries. She was knowledgeable. I really appreciate all the help that you provided to me on the contract. I highly recommend working with her.

Rudra Chatterjee:She is a very much talented lawyer, I have seen.
First of all, she is helpful, hardworking & very much knowledgeable. Realy madam hats of you for my case.

Adriot Sudipto:Excilent service

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