What happen in Divorce?

What happen in Divorce?

Divorce is called “dissolution of marriage”. It helps you legally terminated your relationship. This is the way of your end your marriage life. Best Advocate in Kolkata helps you to solves your problems.

Issues Involved in a Divorce

Legal separation

The main key to legal separation is, you are still legally married to your spouse. Its create space between you and your spouse. Legal separation helps to stay in the family, you can able live completely separate lives.

What Happens in a divorce

Divorce is terminated your marriage life. A court is handling how to go through your child custody, child support, divisions your property, alimony.

child custody

This is the most difficult part of the divorce process. The court decided where are your minor child should be happy to live.

Child support

It’s depending on the marriage length and spouses
an income. Monthly payment paid by noncustodial to a custodial parent.

Divisions your property

There are two different type of property 1. Martial property 2. Separate property.
1. Marital property – This property is the couple bought during the marriage.
2. Separate property – This property belongs before marriage, it may be gifted or some else also

This is spouse right for maintenance after divorce.
Alimony should for limited period or lifetime. Its depend on circumstances.

The best way you hire Lawyer. Search the best Advocate in Kolkata. They help you till the end.

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